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11-08-2003, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Behind Enemy Lines
Loudmouth, I completely disagree with your comments. Comrie was paid $8 million dollars over the course of his rookie contract. $8 million dollars.
The Oilers and Lowe bit the bullet to get Comrie signed rather than losing him via the VanRyn loophole. Big money and lots of faith/good will extended to an unproven player.

Like it or not, if you take the money, you will be subject to criticism. Comrie had an offyear. Injury was a big factor. But there are some glaring holes in his game which were exposed. Defensive zone coverage. And his smallish size was a negative. The former is within his control; the latter obviously not. You can either address the criticism head on and acknowledge it to get better or you can blame others. I see Comrie and Winters doing such.

Lowtide is back on in his comments. Watch and listen to Comrie and Winters. Evasive, stumbing language and lack of eye contact. By contrast, Kevin Lowe was assertive, clear spoken, and direct.

If you are prepared to cash the cheques, be prepared for criticism. The Oiler team is built upon team contributions and individual ego must fit into this environment. I had hoped and cheered for Comrie to get a second chance this year to return to form. But alas it appears that won't happen in Edmonton. And I fear it is due to his own thin skin and unwillingness to face the challenge presented by the team which has invested big dollars in him. Move along...
All legit points, BUT, you neglected to mention something. Who are you supposed to be able to count on? Who is supposed to be looking out for the team and therefore for you to become the best player you can? Your organization, the coach, the gm, the team in general. Be honest with yourselves. If you were told you weren't wanted, that you're a mid-20's kid who has "leveled off" and will not amount to more than a decent NHL player, if you had been told that the team could succeed without you, and therefore that you weren't in any way an important part of the team, wouldn't you be just a little miffed?

If you have the slightest amount of belief in yourself and pride, of course you will.

IF Lowe truly did say those kind of things to Comrie, then frankly I don't blame him 1 iota for his attitude, why would you want to play for someone like that? You'd want to shove those comments right up that person's rear, and not while making them money.

IF however, and I acknowledge this could have happened, this is Rich Winter's work, agent spin and selective talking to Mike and such, then Rich is as much of a clown as everyone believes.

The complete and total distruction of this relationship leads me to believe that something major went down, and it's sad we will never know what that is.

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