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11-08-2003, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
All legit points, BUT, you neglected to mention something. Who are you supposed to be able to count on? Who is supposed to be looking out for the team and therefore for you to become the best player you can? Your organization, the coach, the gm, the team in general. Be honest with yourselves. If you were told you weren't wanted, that you're a mid-20's kid who has "leveled off" and will not amount to more than a decent NHL player, if you had been told that the team could succeed without you, and therefore that you weren't in any way an important part of the team, wouldn't you be just a little miffed?
Then your name would be Marty Reasoner, a former first round draft pick, a key acquisition in a high-profile trade, and waiver wire reject to begin last year's season. Faced with this adversity, Reasoner committed himself and has become a very valuable member of this team. He chose to fight and battle to succeed.

Beyond this, I feel there is another bad indication of the lack of character of Comrie and Winters. Calling prospective trade teams and given then incentive/ultimatum (in true Brick furniture style), 'buy' Mike Comrie before next Wednesday and he'll play for less than the qualifying offer requirements. Desperate and ridiculous.

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