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11-08-2003, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by rabi_sultan
see if you word the question of which commodity is worth more the 1st/2nd center or the medium level NHL coach then you as well as me know what the answer is.

But the problem is that your question is wrong..Whats worth more, the 1st/2nd centre who is a player who will want to do what he wants (oka selfish) has a great big ego that could jeapordise locker room chemistry as he'll challenge the coach if u side with him and therefore create a situation of one of the core players feeling he has more power than the coach then you quickly lose a lot of respect for the coach, organisation and the player loses the understanding of authority.

so which is worth more a rogue player who could destroy locker room chemistry in the long run or a competent NHL coach who can bring you a winning record?
You're making an absolute ton of assumptions there, many of which I don't believe whatsoever. I have no reservations in saying I believe he would be accepted into the locker room by the people that truly matter, the other 20 guys he's goin to war with every night. That is of course MO, but that's what the signs seem to point to. Under that logic, if a coach doesn't like a player, he should just be booted off the team because he disagrees. How could that possibly work??

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