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Originally Posted by sbkbghockey View Post
I'm surprised Northwestern isn't a bigger hockey school, with at least an ACHA DI team. Also they'd be a good fit for NCAA DI hockey as well. It's characteristics of being a larger, private university with high academic standards fits with many of the other hockey schools.
I don't remember where I read it, but I thought Northwestern actually had a hard time getting players. I checked on the ACHA website and they were D2 until 08-09. I couldn't find any info on a team even existing for 09-10. Then 10-11 and 11-12 they are listed as a D3 team. On the club team's site in the news section, it says they were previously playing in a rink in Highland Park, which is a little ways from Evanston. The 10-11 season was the first year they moved to an Evanston rink. Kinda tough to get support when you don't play near the campus.

My guess is the program was off campus, not being organized and run that well, had a hard time making money, then dwindled and faded out in 09-10. Just a complete guess though. Either way, after no team I'd bet they had to start back at D3 until they can work their way up. Hockey in the Chicago area is big, so you'd think Northwestern would be a good school for it. The school's expensive as hell though, so to add paying for hockey on top of that has gotta be tough.

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