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11-08-2003, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Behind Enemy Lines
We'll never know because again the request for a confidentiality clause was initiated by Winters and Comrie. This is something I have never heard of before and smells of hiding things up. Furthermore, it has been interesting to watch the confidentiality request erode over time with media sniping by Winters. Couldn't force their demands in private so try to go public and place pressure on the Oiler management.

The end result is a lack of credibility and imo respect for both Winters and Comrie. They hold no cards in this negotiation yet tried to strong arm management and have failed. K-Lowe has stuck to his guns, been consistent in his comments and respectful in his dealings. (Loudmouth,
this speaks to your original comment, innuendo, and speculation).

Full and open disclosure would have allowed everyone to weigh in on this issue. Unfortunately, Winters and Comrie chose this path and have since changed their minds when it was to their liking.
I really doubt we ever would know fully what went on behind the scenes, just wouldn't know who to believe because obviously other players aren't going to come out and talk about it, and how can a side with vested interest (Lowe, MacTavish, Winter, Comrie) be truly taken at word on a statement in negotiation.

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