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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Err... wut? Short-handed usually only sees two forwards on ice (plus two D), not a full line.
Sorry, looks like i was quite tired back then .

Yea Hagman on PP is actually a good idea too. Hmm i'm not sure if Jalonen would have the balls to leave M.Koivu out of the PP lines. He's afraid of some scandal like the "where is Jussi Jokinen" incident during the olympics . Media wouldn't understand leaving M.Koivu out is my point (because he's the captain and Finland's future and present and all that, Finland's golden boy and little bit overrated at that), eventhough Jalonen would. I mean it took balls to leave J.Jokinen out (respect for that), but I think Jalonen doesn't want another thing like that. It may distract him too much of his actual job - coaching. I'd personally take Filppula over Koivu too if it came down to those 2.

Speaking of which, i'm the first one to say it, Jalonen will cause another "Jussi Jokinen incident" for the selections of this spring's home WC. So the media will be all over Jalonen's ass once again. He'll leave someone like S.Koivu out to pick one of the last year's (new sauna buddies) WC winners or someone else. Understandable if he chooses so, but once again media will crucify him for that and then it's the same thing all over again (ignorant fun media).

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