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Originally Posted by Rumblick View Post
Not only the veteran rule, but minor league baseball doesn't have Europe to deal with. Hockey players who can't make the NHL can make a solid living overseas and a lot of minor league cities on this side of the pond simply can't compete for high-end talent.

There had often been talk about trying to make the ECHL a Double A league to get a 30-30-30 system going, but the economics just won't support the concept.
the ECHL AS A WHOLE is where the AHL was mid 70s, and a lot of rules were either modernized or adopted but recall there was a split at the AAA level until '01, when the original I collapsed and was beginning to splinter as early as 1999..... the AHL never had a veteran rule cap until the loophole was closed allowing our league to sign veterans who just completed the European season and the minor league season wasn't a week old right around the time Portland joined the league, as the history goes, in 1977, this league was at a crossroads and there wasn't as much control handed to the NHL clubs as it has since.

the E did the same thing when they acquired the WCHL, IN ESSENCE, giving them a west division, the other major difference is how many of our member franchises have dared go Independent since the requirement to remain active, is the requirement of a NHL Club, which is why that requisite was added in and approved after watching Baltimore and Binghamton not be competitive and why Utah left because they didn't agree w/ that philosophy.

I wouldn't trust the Frankes anymore than we saw what the Afr's did, and why they were barred, as were the Schlegels in Iowa, when that club was terminated, they are to blame for their arrogance to be in business, much less how they thumbed their noses at both the IHL and the AHL bc if they were smart they blew their opportunity to be in a stable league, and basically put themselves and the UHL/CHL in jeopardy w/ their stance, who are they to dictate to any member club or league, which btw, is older than their franchise overall....

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