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Originally Posted by SuperSwede21 View Post
Magnus Pajaarvi
Devon Dubnyk
2012 1st

Cory Schneider
Keith Ballard
2012 2nd
We aren't Toronto. That's likely going to be a top 5 pick, which should be a fantastic player in this draft. We'd definitely have to add if you take that pick out, but it's too valuable to give up right now.

Originally Posted by RyanCallahan24 View Post
Since he is the top 2 goalie with Thomas (and way younger) he's worth a top pick. MP will not be as good and important as a future Vezina trophy winner like Lundqvist. He's been carrying us for years. Finally he's got a mature good team in front of him. Dumping a bad contract? What bad contract? Lundqvist is worth every penny if ur refering to him.

With that said we're not trading an elite goaltender (they're hard to get, plus he's a fan favourite). He's untouchable. He would require a HUUUUGE overpayment and we still wouldn't trade him since that position is the most important one. You don't trade top 3 goalies in the league like that. That's why u rarely see elite goalies getting moved . Especially when they're in their prime.

NHL 12 now, later bro .
Fully agreed. I'd trade that pick for 2, maybe 3 goalies in this league. Rinne, Lundqvist, and maybe Rask.

Originally Posted by RyanCallahan24 View Post
I totally agree. Maybe Oilers should stop drafting forwards and go for goalies/defence and maybe they wouldn't be a bottom team.
Outside of their top pick, they have been drafting defense with their high picks. At the top of the draft you have to take BPA - if you go need, you could miss out on a superstar.

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