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Frank Nighbor C/LW ( thx to nik jr for the bio )

BIO THERE ----->

To add to the enormous bio above , a post by seventieslord with interesting infos:

Originally Posted by seventieslord
I've read a couple of other great quotes that specifically describe his defensive ability beyond "he was the best defensively". I can't remember where the one was, but the other was in Frank Selke's book, and he talked about how Nighbor angled the opposition over to the boards where they were rendered harmless.

I've looked forward to the chance to draft Nighbor again so I could do a bio similar to yours, that combines what I found earlier, with some new stuff.

Based on your bio, it appears that you're not sure where Nighbor placed in assists in his NHA/PCHA years. It can be hard to get this stuff without an SIHR membership. Let me fill it in for you:

1913: sub-10th
1914: 9th, but missed 5 games and was on pace for 5th
1915: 6th
1916: 9th
1917: sub-10th

yeah, more fluff to a resume than anything else, but still is good to know.

Just to compare his offensive record to a few players who played around the same time (pre-merger, with possibly some post-merger) who are already drafted, using my simple consistency studies (that don't assume much more than a 5th in one league is just a "top-10" overall, and so on), I've stretched the definition of what constitutes "around the same time" so that there are more players to compare.

Goalscoring, top-2, 5, 10, 15, 20 - Playmaking, top-2, 5, 10, 15, 20

Nighbor 1-4-6-7-8, 2-5-7-8-11
Taylor 1-5-5-5-5, 6-7-7-8-8
Lalonde 3-9-10-11-11, 2-3-3-6-8
Malone 4-6-8-9-9, 1-2-4-5-6
Morenz 2-7-8-8-10, 1-5-7-8-8
Cook 6-7-11-11-11, 0-3-7-7-8
Boucher 0-1-2-3-6, 7-9-10-12-13

Nighbor's no better than these guys, but I wouldn't say he is any worse either, when both playmaking and goalscoring are concerned. None of the other six are as accomplished at both goalscoring and playmaking, but each one tops him in one or the other. (all I'd conclusively confirm is that Boucher is the worst scorer of the bunch, and Malone the worst playmaker) - Taylor might have been the best of the bunch per-game at both, but his seasons in the east as a defensemen cramped his chances of posting more "longevity" numbers, and he was the oldest of these players, being 27 by the time he was in the PCHA and playing rover, where he could put up dominant totals.

Long story short, Nighbor is in this league offensively, and when you consider his unquestioned defensive excellence and his winning history it should not be difficult to argue that he is a top-40 player.

Also, interesting that we finally have some description of the "hook check" - I think it's used in bios of a couple other defensive stars of the day, and everyone always assumed it meant hooking, and then people would start to question if so-and-so could thrive in the ATD where they would get called for hooking. Apparently a hook check does not mean hooking at all.

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