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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
Hmm i'm not sure if Jalonen would have the balls to leave M.Koivu out of the PP lines. He's afraid of some scandal like the "where is Jussi Jokinen" incident during the olympics . Media wouldn't understand leaving M.Koivu out is my point (because he's the captain and Finland's future and present and all that, Finland's golden boy and little bit overrated at that), eventhough Jalonen would. I mean it took balls to leave J.Jokinen out (respect for that), but I think Jalonen doesn't want another thing like that. It may distract him too much of his actual job - coaching. I'd personally take Filppula over Koivu too if it came down to those 2.
You know, to be honest, this is down right ********. Both the concept and the media's (and the general public's) behavior if it actually happened. Sure, I can understand backlash for leaving a player out of the team altogether but are you seriously suggesting that there would be a sh*tstorm if some player didn't play in a certain line or see PP ice time?

And even if somebody would attempt to brew something like that, it would be shot down the second somebody attempted to get a comment from Koivu himself, which would be something along the lines: "So I won't play PP. So what? Now S-T-F-U."

But I honestly doubt it'd come to that. Besides, I don't think a random Finnish spectator's hockey IQ is even high enough to notice such a thing. There are perhaps two players in that fantasy roster who might break that awareness, and they're the Stamp and the Flash.

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