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01-25-2012, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by JABEE View Post
He squirted the water. Changing the composition of the ice in front of you does make a difference. Why do you think they have Zambonis?
It's the same with a referee/lineman getting in the way when you try to clear the puck and then the other team scores cause it stayed in. The ref is part of the play, and it's on the player to get it around him. Same with this. I don't care if Thomas is standing in a 3 foot pond of water in the shape of the crease, they should still be able to score. Especially when there is ZERO DEFENSE in front of you.

And considering that other goalies have said that they do this, this shouldn't be a new occurrence to Read. Should have been something he's been aware of for years if he's made it to the NHL level.

Originally Posted by MillerTime2181 View Post
Hey if you really think it makes that much of a difference then maybe Bryzgalov can take a page out of Tims book and learn a thing or two.
If it's really that big of an effect as people say, this times 100. It should be a requirement that he squirts a ring of water around him at every stoppage of play.

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