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Help with new skates

Hey guys, I need some help picking out new skates. I know the best thing is to go to the hockey shop, try them all on and find what works best- but I live in South Louisiana and the closest hockey shop I'm aware of is in Dallas more than a few hours away. I've only been playing ice hockey for a year so I need a little help...

Right now (and for the past year) I've been using the
CCM Vector U+ Pro Sr. Ice Hockey Skates '08

It's a very good skate, overall I'm pretty happy with it- except it is a little tight on the sides of my feet (I did bake it a couple times and it seemed to help but still not enough), some games it just hurts quite a bit. So I'm looking for something new (prefer something on clearance at like hockey monkey or somewhere)...
I'm not sure if CCM runs narrow, or if that is normal and I need something that runs a little wider.
I guess I need something a little wider than the CCM, or maybe not quite as stiff? Any recommendations?

Edit to add: The skate is tight on my foot before even tightening the laces, and if I leave the bottom pretty loose it helps a little, but still hurts my foot- they'll normally hurt on the outsides of my feet for the rest of the day /night

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