Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-25-2012, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Which turned out to be the cops trumping up some charges on Avery to arrest him, which were later dropped
Which doesn't change the fact that he said "fat little pigs" which is all that I mentioned.
Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Simmonds clearly called him a "****ing ******" and people shouldn't be tolerant of that kind of stuff these days
Considering some of the crap that comes out of Avery's mouth, it's the pot calling the kettle black. He should've stayed quiet on the issue - especially because it's HIM and the way HE behaves on the ice.
Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
This never, ever happened. Frolov immediately came out and said that he never said that about Avery in the interview and he never ever heard Avery say something like that.
Well, the point was that it's another cloud over Avery's head - and let's not forget that Laraque also said (2005) that Avery used a racial slur towards him. It's not like it isn't possible. Frolov apparently said it and then retracted it. Whatever.

Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
If your point is that crap seems to follow Avery around regardless of whether he is doing something wrong or not, then yeah I agree, but I don't think we should use false arguments against him, there's plenty of material that he obviously did do.
Nothing I stated here was false, unfortunately. All of this stuff follows Avery around and I don't blame all of the NHL (and now AHL) teams that want nothing to do with him.

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