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01-25-2012, 09:48 AM
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Nothing wrong with pokin fun.

Just keep it in a joking light hearted manner and all is good in my opinion.

I love when some guys go on and on and are serious about it but make no sense. They are just rambling. Ill always give them "What they hell are you even talking about?" as Im laughing. Its damn beer league unless someone did something dirty dont run your mouth like an ass.

Not really chirping, but just somethin I like to do is sing random songs as Im lined up for a face-off, gets a wide variety of reactions.

Ive even given the occasional "MMM you smell nice" to someone Im tying up infront of the net.

Light hearted stuff is more appropriate to try and take someone off their game in beer league. Always gives me a smile and maybe even the other person....if they aren't weirded out...

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