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01-25-2012, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Rangers had problems with Rissmiller a couple years ago and loaned him to another AHL team to keep him away from their own prospects. Rissmiller was very publicly critical of his being sent to the minors and he was dogging it in on the ice--e.g. avoiding hits, giving half hearted effort. That seemed to go on for something like a whole season. Really haven't heard that much from Avery--although I'm sure he's not too happy with his situation and it wouldn't surprise me if he's not exactly giving his all. We could put it into context though--some people for instance think that Redden's going some extra mile helping our young defensemen--but whether or not that is the case we've also heard the commentary that he's a 'pacer'--meaning he has a comfort zone of just how much effort he's going to put into his own play.

It's apparent that the Rangers don't need either Avery or Redden anymore. It's apparent at least to me that Mitchell can do more than an acceptable job as a bottom liner and it's a fact for me anyway that I feel more comfortable with him in the lineup than with either of the more talented but inconsistent Wolski or Christensen--neither of whom likes getting his nose dirty. That Rupp's combination of protection and decent play surpasses by a wide margin anything that Orr, Brashear, Booggard ever provided. It's a big difference from last year when we had Drury bumbling around and were trying to figure out what to hell to do with Avery, MZA, EC and Wolski.

Our five worst players have been replaced with either better talent (Richards) or harder workers (Rupp, Mitchell) or players with a a combination of both (Hagelin).

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