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01-25-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by jorbjorb View Post
you got a wide foot get bauers.
There are 3 Bauer lines, the Vapor is the narrow model with a narrow heel. Supreme is the wider boot with the rounder heel while the Nexus is the widest and deepest boot.
Originally Posted by bp spec View Post
The old U+ Pros are like that. A friend of mine hade them, and had the same problems as you. That skate is known as a failure, at least around my team. He uses reebok 11k now, and is happy with them. But hes thinking about getting the new U+'s. Maybe that's an option for you? Have you tried them on?

Any way, the best way for you to find skates that fits you the best is to try as many different brands and skates on as possible
Absolutely, to give you an idea of 'wide', the Supreme/Nexus boot, Reebok, current CCM and Easton Stealth can all fall into this category but even within them, they all fit differently.

The best advice is what bp spec said. Plan a trip to that shop in Dallas and try on different boots to see what fits the best. It is definitely going to be worth your time and money, if you look through the countless 'Help Me' skate threads here, the same is going to be echoed.

Frankly you can ignore what anyone else can recommend for you here; it's so repetitive and often ill-advised. Go to Dallas!

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