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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Okay, I guess the story about the Kostitsyn's and Hammer being arrested at the airport for being customers of a known cocaine trafficker was only on 25stanley

If you think this is the one example, hate to break it to you but it happens on a daily basis that media people make up lies about the players, contradict themselves and even outright go out of their way to drive players out of town. You think Gagnon has the habs best interests at heart? No. He has his own best interests at heart. He doesn't care if this team fails, he's a Sens fan. All these media guys are a ****ing joke. I do admit it wouldn't be as big an issue if we were winning and management is to blame more than anybody, but saying they're 1% of the problem isn't true.

When you have media people without any credible evidence trying to say three players on your team (big shock, euro players!) are doing blow and affiliating themselves with a big time coke dealer due to drug related reasons... that isn't just a problem on the scale of 1%.

What happens off the ice can affect the product on the ice. These guys don't give a flying rats ass about our team, they only care about making up new stories. Tony and Francois (the frankenstein wannabe) are a big part of the problem with our media.

In Quebec media types have zero accountability for what they do or say. If you don't think that's a problem then I really don't know what to tell you. We could easily make a thread today and if kept open and a few good posters kept posting, we would have a damn treasure chest filled to the brim with contradictions, lies, etc by the end of the month let alone if we did it for a season.

Like I was saying to Andy we should start a thread (or HF affiliated site) that basically copy/paste things they've said, has date/time stamps, screen shots even so they can't delete/deny having said it, and proof of contradiction below where we show that they said the total opposite a mere week before.

It happens all the time. Just look at Jack "I always knew Carey was the best" Todd.
OK Neofury, i vote you to start the sticky thread !!!

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