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01-25-2012, 11:28 AM
I believe.
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Gomez to be traded or waived after ASG break

According to ***************


*BREAKING NHL NEWS**Source: #Habs are expected to announce a Scott Gomez move (Waived or Traded) but he is likely DONE in Montreal
@Jay_Morin @habsinsideout1 Gomez could still very well play tonight but he will not be with #HABS after the break. #CONFIRMED on his way out
**BREAKING NHL NEWS**Source: Even if Gomez suits up 2night he will still be moved or waived after #Break #Confirmed (He is done in Montreal)
@faceto27 I said "WAIVED" or "TRADED" which means he very possibly could be buried in Minors rest of year.. After break Gomez is done
@Patrick_Dumas Never said Gomez wasn't playing tonight.. After the break he will be OUT! Give it a few games and he is done #Confirmed

They guy has a pretty solid history when it comes to rumors AFAIK...

Not sure if threadworthy, mods feel free to do anything with it!

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