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01-25-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Ilkka Sinisalo View Post
read this. repeat it. read it and repeat it a few times until you understand. joe paterno did not know that a kid was molested. he knew that a graduate assistant coach saw what he reported to be fondling or inappropriate contact between a former coach and a young boy. joe paterno did not witness this firsthand. he did not know if the graduate assistant had simply misunderstood what he saw, had an ulterior motive for making a false report, etc. he did not report that a kid was molested. he reported what mcqueary had told him so that the athletic director could conduct a more in depth interview with the proper authorities present.

you want to blame him for not following up, fine. but don't get on the guy for not reporting something that he didn't know.
He said he knew what happened. He said he wish he could have done more. It doesn't matter how little, or how much he knew. It doesn't matter if he knew it to be 100% true. He was told by someone in his organization that they saw something WRONG. You tell someone with authority. If nothing happens, you tell someone with more authority. This isn't someone taking candy from a store shelf. Read and Repeat. Its child molestation.

Originally Posted by Ilkka Sinisalo View Post
if you don't know what you're talking about, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut (or i suppose in this case, your fingers off the keyboard). penn state university police are not like the campus rent-a-cops at whatever community college you attended. they carry guns and pepper spray and handcuffs, issue tickets for speeding and parking, etc. they are police officers as much as the state college borough police are police officers.
Officers who are paid by the university. To protect the university. Not real cops. There are plenty of private security forces who carry weapons. Not real cops. The officers where I went to school carried pepper spray and hand cuffs as well. Had their own cars. wrote tickets on campus. What did they do when a real emergency happened? Called the local police station. Insulting me is not the best way to get your point across. I attended several schools far above the community college level, both graduate and post graduate. So lets move on.

Originally Posted by Ilkka Sinisalo View Post
aside from it not being one of joe paterno's students, not being explicitly told that the child was being molested, and joe paterno not actually owning or overseeing the sports complex, you're spot on here.
Semantics that don't mean anything. He was told something WRONG was observed by someone in his organization. Student or not. A child was involved. Naked in the shower with a grown man. And no Paterno doesn't own anything on the campus. but he's Joe Paterno. He had more power at that university than the vast majority of the institution. If you can't see that, something is wrong.

Originally Posted by Ilkka Sinisalo View Post
don't you think if he cared only about his reputation that he would have just gone to the police to cover his ass? if you want to argue that he did it to protect the football program, fine, but at least try to make some sort of sense here.
So what did he care about by not telling anyone above his boss? You are the one not making sense. How does covering it up and letting it continue help anything? TELLING someone who is objective and has the LAW in their best interest, protects the program, protects the school, protects his image, and most importantly, the children.

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