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01-25-2012, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
Sadly nothing is really ready on the farm for the big time. At least on a permanent basis.

Unless you want to see Dwight King, or Cliche up full time. Granted I think they should be given chances this season...but they are certainly not ready to take on a full time role at the NHL level. They are just getting used to being big time contributors on Manchester. Once they master that they will hit the NHL level.

Look at Parse. He was pretty much a point per game player at the AHL level and his time came to move up. Cliche, King, Clune, Meckler....these guys are still trying to figure it out down there.
Agreed. The only forward this year I was hoping would get a recall is Nolan, and he's hurt (unless he came back recently and I'm unaware of it). CLiche, while I like him, isn't much different than what we have on the 4th line now, and that's about where Cliche's play would have him sitting.

I'd be ok with a Clune recall as well, if we need to add some grit to the lower lines, but he's a big improvement on that either at the moment and I worry he'd be Moreau 2.0

On D and in net, we are just so deep and healthy, no one will get the recall.

As for the topic of Holloway and Moller, Moller I think, as much I really like the guy and want him to succeed, won't amount to anything here. I could see him thriving on a team like Calgary though, as odd as that sounds. They seem to have a bit more success with smaller foarwards than we do and their system isn't as basic as ours is. Either way, I'd rather see us flip him for whatever little we could get and move on at this point.

Holloway, I hope him and DL bury the hatchet, if there is one, and he comes to camp. I think he'd be a nice add to the 3rd line, as he'd have more scoring touch than Lewis. He may also have the ability to step up to the 2nd line if need be, and it'd be nice to have some offfensive depth on the lower lines.

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