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01-25-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Seb View Post
The media are respecting the players life and intimacy. They are human and you're right, which is how the media treat them. You act like they're TMZ-ish toward them, it's not true, unless you read 25 Stanley, which is a garbage site.

Right now, the team is playing horrible, some players act like idiots. You think the journalists won't ask them questions? It's their job to do so. Hockey players are pro athlètes, it's part of their job to deal with the media. Montréal is a big market, they should expect a bigger media presence. If they don't like it, then they can gtfo.

Spacek said the Montreal is a media circus? Has he watched how the team is on the ice? A circus? Nah, a freak show. But hey, it's easy to complain about the media when everything is wrong with the team.

What I'm saying is, of course the bigger media exposure might not help the players in any way, but they aren't even 1% of what's wrong with the habs. If you want to find what's wrong, look at the management and the team.

That you hate a few people in the media, I can understand. I hate a few myself. But that you blame the media for the Habs trouble? Nope.
Agreed. Although some media like Rejeaune makes me want to punch the ozone layer.

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