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01-25-2012, 03:29 PM
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If you want to save $2:

- measure the distance between the puck and whatever it's going to hit (preferably something loud like boards)

- record the audio any way you like

- analyze the file (say open it up in Audacity, a free audio analyzer) and get the exact time between impact with the stick and impact with the boards

If you did this in Imperial units, measuring distance in feet and time in seconds, simply divide the distance by the time. Then multiply by 0.682.


Distance = 40 feet
Time = 0.34 seconds
Speed = 80.2 miles per hour

The accuracy would depend on the accuracy of your measurement and recording device. Probably within 5 mph I'm guessing.

Kind of a cool idea. I remember we did this with video frames a couple years back but this seems even easier to do, so long as you have a tape measure.

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