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Originally Posted by The Dayvan Cowboy View Post
Hard liquor.

Keep in mind I am vehemently against drinking any alcohol unless I'm planning on getting drunk / partying. I don't do social drinking save for a few very, very rare occasions. This is partially due to some family history and partially because alcohol is horrible for people who are as into the gym as I am.

If I am drinking at my house, it doesn't really make sense to spend time drinking Beer which will take three times as long to get me to the same place hard liquor will.

If I'm out on the town, Beer is as expensive as any high-ball and most bars only carry the name brand stuff like Molsen, Coors, Kokaneee, Guiness, Corona, Dos Equis, stuff like that. So that probably covers the different beers I have tried. But, again, seeing as it is expensive, doesn't get me ****ed up, and I enjoy the taste less than rum, vodka, or whiskey, I don't ever drink it.

inb4 I get totally blasted by beer drinkers. I don't hate you I'm just not one of you.
Nah its okay man. You don't drink good beer to get drunk.

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