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01-25-2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Hutzler View Post
Favorite: I love me some MGD or Heineken
Least Favorite: Coors!
Unless you're referring to Coors Light these are essentially the exact same beer, at least by style guide.

Fav: Way to many to list. Season, weather, time of day, food I'm eating (or no food), will all result in a different answer. General answer? To style Pilsners and Saisons are in heavy rotation at all times for me. This time of year I also like Stouts, Porters, Imperial Stouts, etc.

Least: Not a big Heff fan because I don't like the Banana and Clove flavours German Heff yeast give off. American Adjunct Lagers tend to make me turn up my nose. Value brand beer in general is horrid.

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