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11-08-2003, 05:28 PM
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just a question for everyone,
i'm just wondering if comrie didnt come from a wealthy family would your opinion change of comrie of being a brat and spoiled and immature? To me talking to people not on this board believe all the above is true but never met the guy personally and judge him of hearsay and on his looks and his family roots. To me, since comrie comes from such a rich family he gets knocked on a lot because people say he was an automatic nhler and he's had such an easy life. It's not Comries fault that his dad is loaded. And people say comrie shouldnt want money because his dad is so rich, thats his dad not mike. Mike wants to establish himself as a good player and make his own money and not be some bum. Also Comrie has worked very hard to get to the nhl because of his size and other factors. And i have no idea if its true about the klo comments about him only being a number 2 centre but i would be a pissed of player as well but thats just my opinion. I know this isn't relevant maybe to some but i really want Comrie to stay even though it seems like hes not i still believe he'll stay and play here. Thats all my venting for today after the piss poor effort of the oilers and for benching hemsky.

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