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01-25-2012, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by CoRD View Post
I hate strong beer. My buddy always buys some crazy Norwegian beer or whatever and I can barely choke it down. Definitely not a fan of dark/strong beer. Just give me a nice smooth crisp beer. Bud goes down smooth up here in Calgary. Maybe we brew it better than you guys... who knows.
Nah it's the exact same everywhere. Thats part of the reason it sells so well, and part of the reason why their brewers tend to be engineers and dudes in lab coats.

The fast food argument is just because, from time to time most of us like fast food, but not many would make it their entire diet. It's not home cooking, or a high end restaurant, it's a factory produced product that is the same here as it is in a China.

Also note not every beer outside of macro products is a big dark beer, or one with tons of flavour. I've made my share (and drank my share of commercially available) lagers that aren't full of corn and rice to make them cheap.

Also, not trying to say your choices are wrong, just provided an observation.

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