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Why don`t OHL teams... (EDIT give OJHL players a shot?)

Ive been wondering this for a while now,

Clearly the OJHL is a developmental league but why are there players playing there tearing the league up and not at least given a shot at cracking an OHL roster. I understand some players are dead set on the NCAA route but if you tear up Jr. A would a OHL team not find some interest in you. Looking through the scoring leaders there are players that are eligible for the OHL for at least a couple more years.

Just to use an example, players like Darcy Murphy (92 born, Wellington) and Ralph Cuddemi (93 born, Mississauga) have both had above average years in Jr. A. Would it not be a good idea for OHL teams to try scouting and recruiting these players (they might, im not sure) to strengthen their respective clubs.

Im sure some players might not be drafted but is there no free agent eligibility that these players could take advantage of and work towards playing in a better league such as the OHL. Maybe some of these players were drafted after their Minor Midget season but why have we not seen more of these players making the jump from OJHL to the OHL?

Good, maybe even great junior hockey players are playing Jr. A all across the country and I am really just wondering what factors are stopping these players from playing in Major Junior other than the NCAA route. Would playing in the OHL not give a player more coverage and visibility and essentially a better chance to pursue a longer and more successful hockey career?

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