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11-08-2003, 05:32 PM
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Rant Time

Okay, I've been pretty quiet lately on the board, partly due to work, partly due to the fact that I've been just waiting for the oilers to turn it around, to get their act in order, and I didn't want to say anything that was out of line. But enough is enough. I come home from a wonderful day at the MET(monet paintings are amazing) and is gloating over a leafs win at the expense of my oilers. It's time to make some things known.

First of all, I just watched the mike comrie interview, I could careless what happens to that selfish young man. He has everything most of us dream of, and he's spitting in the face of everybody who gave it to him. His answers were stupid and repetitive, clammering out the same propaganda (it's time to move on) without ever seeming to have any sense of his own failings in the conflict. He has definatly been getting some bad advice by a manipulative agent, and if he is too stupid to see what he's doing, than I don't want him on our hockey team. I have supported mike comrie a lot over the last couple of months, but even his most ardent supporters have to be disgusted right now.

Seconldy, what the F#$@ has happened to this team? Every night it's up and down, up and down. I expect this team to make the playoffs. I think we have the talent, ressources, and coaching staff to capture the 8th playoff spot and be a contender in the west. But to do that, we have to start using what we have more effectively. Why isn't Semenov playing on our first D-pairing? Semenov has not been given a chance at all this year, this coming on the heels of a half a season where he looked to be the most promising young d-man we've had in a decade. We need size in our lineup, we need defensively responsible players, and we need people who can help us on the pp. Semenov does all three of these things. Mac-t has failed his fans and his organization by not playing semenov. Pathetic. Pathetic. If we keep jerking Semenov around, we'll have another comrie on our hands. The coaching staff HAS to be better. Aside from the Semenov catastrophe, why hasn't brad isbister been on the first line all year? You can't expect bertuzzi like play/numbers when he keeps getting put on the fourth line every bad period he has. Isbister has not played that badly, and if he indeed was worth trading our #1 d-man for, isn't it time we give him the opportunity to show us why? Leave him at one place with two good linemates.

But it's not just the coaching staff who has failed. The players have to take responsibility as well. I haven't seen salo play at all this year, but I can say that his numbers have been mild, and many of the fans have gotten on him. Whether or not he's been as bad as many say he has, it's clear that he needs to be better if we stand a chance. He's being paid like a #1 goaltender, he should play like one. I do not want a roman turek situation on our hands. Smyth has to play better; Horcoff has to play better. MOST EVERYONE has to play better. We have the talent. We have the brains. It's time we use them. And we, as fans, have the responsibility and the right to hold these players up to their abilities and their potential. If this were the penguins, I'd say fine, we can accept losing because we probably aren't going to do that much better. But this isn't the penguins, this is a playoff team. It's time to start playing like one.

I'll be at the game on monday night, my first every game at the Garden. As you all know I love the oilers and rangers, but given the oilers dire straight, I will be wearing my gretzky jersey. I will have a report when I come home, I expect a good young team to show up.

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