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01-25-2012, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by KnightRanger View Post
WOW!!! That was an ass kicking! Boys playing men tonight! Knights have got to be worried about their lack of size up front in the playoffs. Couldn't win a battle along the boards all night. Not to mention if anything happens to Houser........oh boy! 3 more chances this year to prove they can handle the Rangers.

Also, maybe next time the Rangers come to town you dress your best players. They are 4 point games!
If they are not all hurt or sick then ya they will be dressed. Kitcheners compete level is just so high. What they lack in skill to most teams they make up for in muscle and hustle! Have to make this PP we got much simplier way to much pretty boy stuff going on. Get it up top and shoot. Far to many turnovers London looked far to confident and lazy while the Rangers were pressuring the puck all night long. And by goly jesus could someone please pick up that man that is sitting in the slot wide open please, 5 goals from slot area off rebounds ouch! Hopefully next time they get together London will show some life coming out of the gate and learn to compete with these bigger stronger guys from Kitchener.

P.S. Another great game by Gibson though, made some huge saves that could of changed the story early. Houser was not quite Houser-esque per say we will only go as far as he takes us! MOst goals were not his fault but Gibson came up with the big saves tonight! Teichmann is awesome PP31 do you think is has a future or was he just a throw in like I said??

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