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Here are my top 10 - in vague order aside from #1.

1. Dale's Pale Ale (how ironic that my favorite craft beer comes in a can...)
2. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale (oh how I wish it were year round...)
3. Great Divide "Titan IPA"
4. Magic Hat "Ravell" Porter (#9 is a decent Pale Ale that gets a lot of noise... this is a fantastic Porter that gets very little recognition)
5. Troegs "The Mad Elf Holiday Ale" (cherry & honey? yes please)
6. Young's "Double Chocolate Stout" (GREAT on tap, decent from nitro can, bad bad bad from a bottle)
7. Middle Ages "Beast Bitter" (I've only ever found it in 12 pack variety packs, with 4 different Middle Ages beers... all good, but this one is why I buy it)
8. Spaten "Optimator"
9. *Black & Tan crafted with Guinness & Harp Lager* not technically "a beer" but it would feel wrong to not include it - Yuengling's canned "Black & Tan" offering is mud in comparison
10. Southern Tier "Choklat" Stout

A few other special titles...

Brewery with good ideas but subpar execution: Saranac - somehow 90% of their beers end up tasting like something that would be really damn good if it wasn't so damn watery. They've rolled out beers like a Vanilla Stout, a Chocolate Lager, and a Caramel Porter and all of them made me wish that it was a brewery like Great Divide or Middle Ages in charge of converting their ideas from thoughts into actual beers. Huge potential if they just worked on the consistency of their beers. As it stands, I'm hesitant to buy anything Saranac other than their "Big Moose Ale", which is a bonafide keeper.

Best Brewery: Troegs - There are just so many great Troegs beers that I had trouble weeding a lot of them out, for the sake of variety. Nugget Nectar is a classic, Troeginator is a beast, HopBack Amber Ale is one of the better modern ales that I've had, and even their Sunshine Pilsner is excellent. The runner ups here are Oskar Blues (Dale's Pale Ale, Ten FIDY, Old Chub - all brilliant beers, but due to availability I haven't been able to have any of their other offerings) and Southern Tier (Choklat, 2x Milk Stout, 2x IPA, Matt & Phin's Extraordinary Ale, "Old Man" Winter Ale, Harvest Ale...).

Beer That I Wish I Could Never Have Again: Coors Light. Enough said. It's trash and it isn't even cheap compared to the equally trash-tasting Keystone/Busch/PBR/etc...

Beers That I Drink At Bars Where Crafts Aren't On Tap: (in order) Newcastle Brown Ale, Yuengling, Labatt Blue

The Beer I'm Drinking RIGHT NOW: Fuller's ESB

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