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01-25-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
Looking at your post history it looks like one of two things...or maybe both:

Either you are a family member of Holloway or a real close personal friend


You're just a really super big fan

And look, either way, you can't expect people to be happy with Holloway, the way he left the team. From everything said from media, to was petty...leaving and not even letting the GM know ahead of time, never responding to the qualifying offer, just having your agent call and do the dirty deed for you? I mean Moller stood up and did it just was all around kind of ****** to do to the team. Maybe he was mad about money. He's a young guy, and he was likely offered a contract somewhere in the realm of 650k - 850k. If he was expecting more, at his age and experience he was kidding himself. It seemed very selfish of him to cut and run to the SEL considering he was our top prospect coming into this season and knew very well that information. Christ he was likely a lock for a bottom 6 spot barring a huge misstep or injury in camp. Like many have said, Moreau and Hunter are probably non factors and non signers if Holloway stays. But Lombardi was not going to just hand it to him. We have a whole minor league team of workers who deserve all the shots in the world as well.

So again you can't expect people to look kindly upon him give the circumstances.
Let me tell you one thing fella if Bud had been offered a contract for 600
thousand or more he would have signed in a heart beat ,you just dont get it do ya.

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