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01-26-2012, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by oldunclehue View Post
If anyone heard Bob Irvings commentary today, he hit the nail on the head, Jets need offence to make the playoff run. Only two guys on pace for 20 goals, and 50 points is not where you want your offence to be, but our Jets are sitting better than I think most thought they would be.

I like the build through the draft option, and think it's the route we should take. But I am concerned about building a team around our young star Evander Kane. I've been told by a handful of people, one who has to do with his housing, that he is not a fan of playing hockey here. Whether it is the lack of anonymity or smaller city, who knows. But I trust Chevy will sort it out and either get all we can get for him or sign him if hes all in!
I've heard Kane address all of this talk of him not wanting to play here. He said he was looking forward to playing her for a long time. That shut down any insecurities i may have had about Kane. I think he wants to play here long term.

I also think that when people think of the Jets they think of Kane. He's had a target on his back ever since the team was relocated.

There might be some transition type problems he might be having, as will a lot of the players on the roster. It takes time to settle into a new home, new city, new culture, and so on. Winnipeg will grow on the players, just like any other place in the world they could possibly be building roots.

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