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Originally Posted by Soli View Post
He's not playing to stick in the NHL. What I like from this call up is he's picking better places to shot and looks more dangerous from those spots. But he's still not attacking the net with regularity. It'll be good to get more minutes in bigger situations down in OKC, and hopefully Omark will spark his offensive when he gets back.

What is absolutely infuriating about his game is that he refuses to follow through and finish his checks. This isn't freeze tag, you don't help your team letting up and touching opposing players. He skates towards them and then bails out. In his exit interview he talked about getting stronger and using his size more and being a more physical player. He gave a glowing review of Landeskog's play and how physical he is. He has all these tools, even more so than Landeskog, but he's not willing to play that game. When the offense isn't coming you have to pursue it a different way and put on the hardhat and grab your lunch pail and go to work.
My post was just a reaction against your choice of words previously. The point is that I believe that he knows what his short-comings are and is doing his best to fix them. For some players I'd go with the formulation you used, i.e. "he has to decide", but for PRV who despite his problems always has shown to be mature in the way he has commented on his development I don't think it is a lack of will that holds him back. If it was easy to play the game of, for example Landeskog, many more players would do it since it is always very valuable. Whatever it is that is lacking (mentality, timing, stability, physique) I have no doubt he's mind is in the right place in trying to fix it.

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