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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
There is never really one real reason. Usually a multitude of them.

There are a mix of kids who can play in the OHL right now (Drake Caggulia and Devin Shore are two that stick out right away), but most of them want a top end education package, and teams are very shy to give those out. They are not going to walk away from a full ride at North Dakota and Maine respectfully for a standard OHL education packege.

Another reason are that by the time players are at the level they are, they are 18-19, and OHL tams would rather invest in a 17 year old, and truthfully, the 19 year old probably doesn't want to go to the OHL for only a single year of schooling paid for.

Third, and its a bigger factor then a lot of OJHL people like to mention, is the league has really been watered down over the past ten years. The rapid expansion has really diluted the product. They are finally making moves to fix it, but it will take a while to get there.

And might I add that it probably wouldn't be a smart move for these kids.

As much as I love the OHL as a developmental league...if I had a son who was playing hockey and was in the situation you described above...I would advise him to take the NCAA route.

There aren't too many guys who come late to the OHL and end up getting themselves a look from the NHL. More often then not, they end up not getting the playing time and end up back in Tier 2 anyway (at least as an overager).

So you give up a full scholarship, where you have 4 years to grow as a hockey player, to achieve little in the advancement of your 'potential' hockey career. Not only that, but you're getting a smaller window to impress people. A guy like Ralph Cuddemi, he comes to the OHL next year and he's got two years to play in the make an impression on NHL scouts. He goes to school (doesn't have one yet), he gets four years. It's all about maximizing your exposure.

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