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Originally Posted by Phozzwald View Post
The thing I find funny about all this is as soon as Subban makes a mistake he sits but if someone else makes a mistake nothing happens to them. I've seen Darche, Kostitsyn, Plekanec, Gill, and especially Weber and Diaz make 100s of mistakes yet they still get their regular ice time. Gotta back off Subban and let him play. They guy. Im fine with benching him but not every single time he does something wrong. Its hockey, nobody is perfect. If that were the case we'd be 49-0 right now.
It's hardly everytime Subban makes a mistake. This season mistakes are part of PK's routine. That's not meant to be as harsh a criticsm as it sounds. Everyone makes mistakes. And a player of Subban's youth and style (high risk high reward offensive defenseman) is going to make more of them than most. And on most nights Subban eats up minutes like its going out of style. On most nights he's too important to the team to be benched.

Which is, incidentally, the same reason why you never see Kostitsyn, Plekanec, Gill and Darche benched on most nights. Plekanec is too important on both offense and defense. Kostitsyn is one of our few guys that might qualify as a sniper. Darche and Gill are fixtures on our (league best) PK (and boy do we need it as we often run up the PIMs).

Last night was different. The last game going into the all-star break (no real concerns about tiring out your bench). Up 5-0 after the first (no real concerns about losing). And Subban makes a couple of stupid, selfish plays. And he's young (which means he's apt to benefit more from the sitting than a yet). So he sits. Watches the game. Maybe has a chance to see what he'd do better and to reflect on what he did wrong.

It's a gutsy move by Cunneyworth, given how the media likes to jump on any hint of dissent. But I suspect he's not concerned about controversy too much and Subban is too good a prospect to not try to teach properly.

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