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01-26-2012, 08:19 AM
It's closing time.
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I have been thinking more about our team and what our vision will be. Currently we are slipping out of a playoff spot and it's easy to panic.

When you look at our team we have decent young talent but we are not like Chicago or Pittsburgh were by any stretch. we do not have an elite can't miss core of sub 21 year olds and because of that I think we are going to have to be flexible in our approach.

We will probably follow more of a Boston model but our own version of it and by that i mean we may not have the best three players on the ice in any given game but we have the next best 10 players in the game. I believe Chevy and Zinger will have a coherent vision of the finished product and by the end of the year they will know which pieces fit and which don't (if they don't already). To be clear none of us know currently what our boys are doing behind the scenes to make this team better right now.

No matter how this season ends I want to see us compete to the end.

Next year I would like to see a team take the ice that can get 96 points and is firmly in the mix of the 2nd tier. I would like to see progression and a coherent lineup with more balance and 4 lines that make sense night in night out and all punch to their weight. Adding an elite asset to our top 6 might or might not be ambitious but having a third line that gets 110 points collectively and plays with an edge is achievable and that alone could add 6 to 8 points for the Jets.

By the third or fourth year in Winnipeg I would like to see this team take shape and I would expect it to be a reflection of what we can expect long term from a Chevy Zinger team. My hopes are that that team would be a perennial playoff team with the talent to compete with anyone in a 7 game series and capable of going on a run in the playoffs and winning it all if things broke our way. But not in a one and done event like Edmonton or Calgary had but in a strong base every year we can compete type of way.

In my mind if we hit these bench marks our Managment is doing a great job

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