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01-26-2012, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
firing the GM today, gives a new guy time to evaluate and make trades knowing he has a much longer window to build a team in. With this "he won't be fired IN season" stuff out there, Regier has to think that he has to turn things around now. Which means, NON Rebuild type moves.

if you WANT to see a rebuild, and not more plugging of the holes on a sinking ship, then firing the GM NOW, is a HUGE gain.

That's only true if you want to replace Regier with a GM who's not working for another organization. Toronto isn't going to let Dudley come over in February, Pitt isn't going to release Botterill, etc.

I want a new GM to have TOTAL say over whatever direction they go. That means leaving as many big moves available to him as possible. Firing Regier and Ruff isn't going to activate the rebuilding process unless they plan on hiring Neil Smith and Randy Carlyle.

Firing Ruff and Regier during the season serves no point but to embarrass them beyond the embarrassment that this season already his. I hope Pegula and Black run this team thoughtfully, not spitefully.

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