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01-26-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by lafan View Post
Let me tell you one thing fella if Bud had been offered a contract for 600
thousand or more he would have signed in a heart beat ,you just dont get it do ya.
Considering the league minimum is $525,000, he didn't get offered much less than $600,000.

I'd wager with you that the Kings offered him more than $600,000. In order to keep his rights, the Kings had to offer him a qualifying offer. A qualifying offer to my understanding for a player who makes less than the league average is a 10 per cent increase on their previous salary (or the league average, whichever is lower and still above last years salary).

Holloway in 2010-2011 had an NHL salary of $590,000 had he been in the NHL. His cap hit was actually $650,000 considering he was eleigible for bonuses and had a nice signing bonus as well.

A 10 per cent increase on $590,000 is $649,000. Annually.

Once again, I'm not 100 per cent clear on the qualifying offers, so a CBA guy can step in and correct me if I'm wrong. But even if all the Kings had to do to qualify him was offer him the same as last year, he'd have been offered $590,000 annually. If you claim he'd sign for sure at $600,000, is it really that huge of a problem to sign at $590,000?

I suspect that:
A) You don't know jack **** and
B) The real issue with Bud was that he wanted a one way deal and the Kings told him he'd get a two-way contract but was pencilled into the line up, meaning it was his spot to lose but they wouldn't guaran tee him anything.

Bud elected to go for the sure money in Sweden. Whether we like that or not, or whether we think he was smart or not is irrelevant. It is his right to do so.

Considering Bud did get paid $360,000 over the past three years by the team and had a good chance to earn a roster spot this year, I do agree that is was rather ******-baggy how he elected to inform the team of his year long trip to Sweden though.

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