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01-26-2012, 09:52 AM
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I play in two leagues, one league gets blown up once a year with a draft and 4 "GMs" to select the teams. IMO, this is what keeps the league friendly and as strong as it is. There isn't any trash talking going on here, everybody's there for a good time. Sure, there are moments where a player will lose their cool but it doesn't happen very often and we usually just forget about it by the next game anyway. It also helps that the league is really strict. We've had 2 people banned from the league for stupid things when they really shouldn't have lasted as long as they did. 3 penalties in a game gets you kicked out (mouthing off to a ref will easily get you an additional 2) and then you go on probation. If you get kicked out again for the next year from that date, automatic ban from the league.

The other league I play in, for the most part, there isn't much trash talking. There are some players that are clearly trying to **** other players off and there are some players that just get pissed off too easily and then trash talk themselves. Both of those types of guys need to get their act together. I find it kind of sad that in the league, the average age is probably 30-40 years old and I'm 23 and usually the most level headed guy out there, talk about maturity.

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