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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
I don't buy online, but there's not exactly an "awesome" local store. Here's the rundown:

-In Florence where I live, we have a decent local shop (Micky Finn's) that carries a modest but good quality selection of six-packs and bombers, plus has a 6-tap growler fill station. There's also a grocery store (Harris Teeter) with a decent selection of microbrews (and the bonus there is everything is chilled so it's a good place to grab something at the spur of the moment or on the way to a party, at Micky Finn's only a limited selection of stuff is available cold).

-Florence has one really mediocre local brewpub. Their own beers are freaking awful (all of them are done to suit a lowest-common-denominator pallet, and taste like colored water) but they do have a 12 tap "guest tap" rotation that gets stocked with some really good beers, and their happy hour special ($1 off pints from 4-7) is a good after-work hit up.

-In Columbia, which is about an hour and a half away, there are several good shops, the best being Green's. There are two locations, the one off the freeway is really good with an 8-tap growler station and tons of good bottles; the other is close to the university and so carries a lot more crap beer (but also has a Belgian room). There's also a Total Wine in one of the major shopping areas with a very good selection.

-Occasionally I go to Charlotte and there are some really good spots there. I'm going to start getting into home brewing soon and some of my friends frequently make trips to Charlotte to hit up a brew supply store, then go shopping for beers as well, so I'll be partaking in those outings.

You being in Atlanta, I'm jealous of how much stuff there is locally (at least according to Beer Advocate), both in terms of shops and brewpubs (that place 5 Seasons or whatever it's called that you mentioned to me in the other thread). Plus if you want to drive to Athens there's that place 5 Points Bottle Shop that has something like 1500 different beers available.
Gotcha... and man, that's a lot of effort you put in to get a good beer.

Check out for home brewing kits. Might save you a drive, and their equipment is top notch. Just recently bought some wine making equipment from there.

Yeah, when I really look at it, they do have a ton of great beers here... Haven't heard of that place before, but might have to make a drive out there now to browse. Also, not sure if you've ever heard of it, but we have a bar chain out here called Taco Mac. The one I will go to on occasion has 100 beers on tap all year long (not sure how many change, but it's monthly that they do), and 300+ different bottled beers to choose from. I don't go there too often because it's more expensive than our regular hang, but it's a nice change of pace for sure. They also have some cool beer drinker incentive programs, where they log your beers on a "Passport" and you get free **** at milestones and stuff. Plus you can login online, or have them print a receipt at the bar, of every single beer you've had there.

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