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01-26-2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
You're going to need one hell of a personnel upgrade to fix the powerplay. 5 guys standing around passing on the perimeter is easy to defend. Who those 5 guys are really doesn't matter. The PP needs a strategy change if it's going to get better.

Instead of the obligatory GUY IN FRONT just staying there at all times, we should have Cally and another forward drifting through the slot and curling around almost cycling but without the puck. This is what good teams do to open up passing and shooting lanes and be less predictable. We should always have Cally and the other forward close enough that when a shot from the point comes, they can be arriving at the net to either screen, deflect or get a rebound. But they dont have to park themselves there permanently. All that does is negate the extra man as a passing option and help the penalty killers cover 5 guys with 4.

Like Shanny once said, it's not just about knowing where to go, it's knowing when to arrive.

We need CONSTANT MOVEMENT through the slot and all around the zone. Make the penalty killers THINK. The way we play the PP right now, the PKers could defend it in their sleep.

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