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01-26-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I wouldn't be opposed to it but would rather wait until the off season to screen more candidates. Since more will be available then.

Two questions

1) how would you feel if they got his team to go on a run and miss out on a lottey pick?

2) I think Dudley is a sharp hockey guy. But to my knowledge he has never been a successful GM. Why so gung ho to hire him? Is it just because he isnt Darcy?
1. I'd hate it. However, I think don't think any in season move returns immediate improvement. It would take time. By the time they POSSIBLY started turning things around, it would be deadline day, and I would expect such a drastic change as GM/Coach getting fired would mean rebuild, in which a lot of our veteran talent would and should be sold off. So, it doesn't worry me.... im more worried that a healthy team, in the system they've been in forever, turn it around on their own...

2. I think Dudley is a sharp hockey guy too. He's respected around the league as such. And he's been involved in franchises that turned things around. Never for the entire time, never at the head of the ship. But his fingerprints are on Cups in Tampa and Chicago.

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