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01-04-2006, 04:16 PM
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better late than never i always heard

well....let's see... we take less penalties,but that doesn't help...vokoun plays well,that doesn't help...we kill off 12:09 minutes of powerplay time, that sure doesn't help.. we change lines, that has no effect...every single person on the team gets some powerplay time, that doesn't help..we outshoot them 14-1 and get outscored 1-0, so that doesn't help...

so let's see...we have more hits, fewer giveaways, win the faceoff battle, take more shots...and get beat fairly easily...trotz has to be shaking his head, i know i am

a few thoughts about last night's disaster..

...vokoun played well to be honest, the avs had several great chances in the first two periods,15 i think to be exact. the two goals he gave up,well anyone gives them up. might argue that on the first one you cann't sprawl there to make a pokecheck with that much traffic in front, but hinote walking out of the corner straight in by himself called for desperate measures
...the powerplay...jeezus,it's never,ever looked any worse. no shots on the first 7. only 5 shots in the entire 10 powerplays. and we had to pull our goalie and go 6 on 4 to get 4 of those. pathetic. no puck control, then we simply pass the puck around the perimeter when we finally get in the zone. dump and chase- they clear, dump and chase- they clear. sickening. no one taking the puck and attacking the net. no one screening. no one able to get a point shot on net.
...sullivan losing the puck (which he did before aebischer pokechecked by the way) on the breakaway typified his game.
...we have 2 two on ones finally, and perreault flubs a shot on one, and fiddler shoots square into the pads on another
...kariya...sigh...i keep telling everyone the guy is simply a sniper, if we don't have anyone able to get him the puck or to generate space he's not going to do much. we don't have and he's not.
...hartnell. invisible. again. no shots on net. no chances. no anything. got less even stength time than most anyone for it.
...erat,perreault,johnson,hall,fiddler... nothing
...our defensivemen actually played a fairly solid game. yes zildicky and suter let hinote walk off the halfboards to some extent, and they didn't clear the rebound, but that first goal was on hordichuk, and then smithson for not helping out low. and boughner was one of their men
....on the powerplay goal, many on the boards were screaming timonen was at fault, and he was to some extent in that he got caught too far over chasing one of the forwards, but hartnell has to help there when you have a defensiveman skating in hard to the backdoor. but to be honest, you just have to hand that one to the avs, it was simply a pretty,well deserved goal.
...upshall was the best player we had on the ice last night among our forwards. had more jump and urgency than any other guy we have up front. he was about the only one, well tootoo had jump, but face it, tootoo's offensive skills are simply throw the puck at the net whereever i touch it, no matter where i am, most nights.
...i don't know whether to laugh or cry about either of our powerplay units. they were equally pathetic. one cann't handle or control the puck (the 2nd unit). the other simply couldn't do anything. we in effect killed off the clock by having pp's.
...hard to put your finger on what's wrong to be honest. it's not they we don't have players playing hard, we do. they're just not playing well.
....for the 7th game in a row i thought our 4th line was our most dangerous offensive threat, which is a pitiful statement, because they as a unit have close to zero offensive talent, but their forechecking ability generates chances. forechecking, again. well until the game was already over, then we forechecked like hell.

an uncomfortable game.. an uncomfortable streak.. causes teams to doubt their own ability and squeeze the sticks too tight. causes teams to start looking around the locker room and pointing fingers.. these are the types of stretches/games where a team depends on it's stars to show them the way. ours aren't. with the schedule we have until the olympics, i don't know if this team is capable of putting together another long winng streak like we have so far this season to negate any long period without a win to be honest. right now, we are a very mediocre team.

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