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Originally Posted by CoRD View Post

Come at me bro.
I learned to hate that stuff when the FIFA world cup was here in 2006. Outside the stadiums you got normal decent beer, but inside it was just the budweiser stuff because of **** sponsoring... ugh.

Ironically, my favourite beer is

Drinking it drafted in prague pubs, it was far and away the best beer I had ever tasted. As much as I'd like to claim it for Germany, I have to give the title for best beer brewers to the czechs. Staropramen and Pilsner Urquell are also just awesome.

As for the german beers, I think Pilseners are generally solid, not exceptional but I've also found few that I found really disgusting. Hefeweizen beers though are pretty much a german speciality.

The beer I drink most often though is Westheimer, just because it's our town brewery. The beer I hate most is Warsteiner, which is unfourtunate because it seems to be one of the more known german beers, at least in europe.

As for the flavoured beers, a few months ago I drank a ginger-flavoured beer... a buddy accidentally ordered it as he tried to order a vodka-cranberry mix . I didn't particularly enjoy it, let's put it that way...

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