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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
You know, to be honest, this is down right ********. Both the concept and the media's (and the general public's) behavior if it actually happened. Sure, I can understand backlash for leaving a player out of the team altogether but are you seriously suggesting that there would be a sh*tstorm if some player didn't play in a certain line or see PP ice time?
It probably wont even come to that as we wont get all those players for the WC, but it could happen in olympics that Koivu is left out of the PP, but i highly doubt it, but I still predict some kind of scandal for the WC pickings. Jalonen will make some surprise pick(s) that might be justified picks, but not justified for media/ignorant low IQ audience or something as you put it.

I forgot to add M. Mäenpää for my defenders list and Nummelin. Wonder if Jalonen will pick Nummelin? My guess is he'll pick Nummelin for next EHT and if he does well there he is probably a 100% guaranteed pick for Jalonen, but we have a lot of good offensive defenders so dunno. I just hate the idea of sort of sacrificing our home WC for making it the "good bye" tournament for many players, cause if Jalonen picks too many of them, we can say goodbye to our gold medal hopes. If they couldn't do it in 17 years, they wont help in that now either, but few of them will be ok. Guys like Peltonen shouldn't have any chance of making the team.

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