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11-08-2003, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by kraigus
I've defended Comrie here before - do the research if you care - but I'm really wondering what, exactly, he thinks he's getting by not signing anything. I'm REALLY wondering what, exactly, his agent thinks he's getting for MC by saying "he'll sign elsewhere for less to facilitate a trade". That's great, he just shot MC in the foot.
By not signing anything he can in some form hold a veto over where Lowe can trade him.
By not signing anything he avoids having to repeat this whole fiasco next year when Lowe says you're mine till 31.

By saying he'll sign for less elsewhere he is making 2 statements:
1. I'm better than you think I am, I'll prove it elsewhere and they will pay me for my performance.
2. I want out of this asylum.

So why do you think he should just sign with Lowe? What advantage does this give Comrie?

Or maybe you think he should sign and the immediately hold out?