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01-26-2012, 02:45 PM
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Right hand dominant shooting lefty...

When I shoot it's primarily my top hand that does the work. Probably why I like snap/wrist shots so much. I lean into the puck and push slightly with my bottom hand while pulling back hard and controlling the open/close of the blade with my top hand.

Sometimes I get lazy with my bottom hand and it robs me of power/accuracy. With too stiff of a stick, I don't push hard enough with the bottom hand and the shot comes off weak, like it's sliding. If I focus on the bottom hand being strong in the push, the shots come off harder, especially with a stiffer stick.

My slapper sucks. I just don't use it. A buddy of mine is a righty and he has a great slapper, not so much the wrister. I think the slapper is a lot more dependent on the bottom hand than the wrister.

If I were to put useless numbers on it...

Wrist/snap shot is 80% top hand, 20% bottom
Slap shot is closer to 60% bottom hand, 40% top

You can train yourself to do whatever with either hand, but certainly it comes easier to learn things with your dominant hand.

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