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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
The two trades were absolute steals. It takes real balls to make both of them at the time though. The abuse that homer took around here for making the deals was crazy. Sure enough if we had received kadri + kuls then it would of been horrific.

But the Flyers robbed Columbus with their eyes wide open. Everyone knew what a terrible deal it was for them. Carter was and still isn't going to be the centre for Nash. The return of Couturier is also unbelievable. That along with the fact that Hamilton was still on the board.

The Richards trade is paying off immediately. With the constant rumours surrounding Richards, it was clearly affecting his play, and not only that, but affecting the flyers too. Whether the rumours were true or not it doesn't matter at this point. We were struggling with him at the helm and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

Schenn brings a younger prospect that we all hope will be another Richards type player. It also returned Simmonds who is exactly what the team needed with a player like Lappy not playing last year. Funny, I was saying that there wern't many players in the league that could replace lappy, but Simmonds was one.

We also have a second round pick which could be extremely valuable considering the draft status that this draft has. We could pick up what would of been considered a bona-fide first round pick last year, this year.
Eh, not really; you're using a lot of hindsight here. It was indeed very questionable that he and Nash would ever work together, but it wasn't a blatant steal; the value was definitely damned good though. We didn't know Couturier would drop to 8th. So at the time it was pretty much Voracek and the hope that our 8th overall pick would be pretty good. It didn't become a robbery until we got both Couturier and Voracek. If Howson had known he would drop I doubt he makes that deal.

EDIT: I've always wondered why Richards gets all the blame for turning the locker room toxic (allegedly)...and none goes to Pronger. Everything seemed fine and good until Pronger showed up. As for the leadership void, I don't know how you can blame Richards alone for that without also blaming Briere, Pronger, Timonen, etc.

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