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Originally Posted by SoupyFIN View Post
Same here with the army closing in, I've never really been in good shape- well maybe back in the day when I still played soccer. But I've never been that fat either. IIRC my weight was 52 kilos when I checked it a few days ago. My conditioning has always been pretty terrible because I run out of breath pretty easily. I actually went to some analysis when I was a kid if I possibly had asthma, but it turned out to be nothing.

I was thinking about going cross country skiing the other day, but then I remembered that I borrowed my skis for my sister who went on a holiday to Lapland (Northern Finland) and when I got them back I totally forgot to ask back also my ski boots.
Dr's are stupid. It took me 3 before one finally told me I had exercised endused asthma, gave me an inhaler, and walla for the first time in my life I could breathe while exercising without pain in my throat and hyperventating.

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