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01-26-2012, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Dr's are stupid. It took me 3 before one finally told me I had exercised endused asthma, gave me an inhaler, and walla for the first time in my life I could breathe while exercising without pain in my throat and hyperventating.
I actually got an inhaler, but I never had to use it and I don't even know where it is anymore. Probably wouldn't work anymore since it's been like, 14 years maybe?

Looking back at it, I probably should have continued playing soccer for a few years atleast. But meh, I was basically chased out of the team by the coach whom tried to lure me back a few months later after I "retired" when the team was ****.

I don't really like doctors either, I'll delay going there to the last moment possible.
Originally Posted by SactoShark View Post
You're 115 pounds?
If that's a equivalent to 52 kilos, then yes. I'm really short, like under 170cm.

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